Come and we celebrate gooddeedsday on 3rd, April 2022.

Who We are

The Acronym of the Organization is ‘’BACORUDO’’ Which in full is, Basu Community Rural development Organization.

This same Organization was begun in 2009 by a group of 14 members led by Eugene Bwambale Africano.
It was biting poverty that led to the beginning of Bacorudo – Uganda. The poor living condition had been accelerated by the Allied democratic forces (ADF) of 2006 who were fighting with the Ugandan army, after having failed, they resorted to killing innocent people, destroying and looting property and committing other inhuman and Barbaric acts which left people completely helpless and hopeless in a state of suffering and misery.

Therefore this organization is intended to bring social services to the people by engaging the community to work towards fighting poverty by identifying the felt needs and bridge the gaps brought about by poverty. It is located in Kemango village, Munkunyu sub-county, Kasese district, western part of Uganda, about 500 km away from Kampala, the Uganda’s capital city. Its offices are situated at Kinyamaseke Municipality just one minute on foot from Kinyamseke – Bwera Taxi Park on the left side of the Tarmac road.