Services we offer

Sensitizing the people against the killer diseases like HIV/AIDS conducted through home to home visitation and encouraging mothers to take their children for immunization.

Agriculture programs – encouraging people to embrace the national agricultural advisory programs [Naads] .Insisting on the practice of better methods of Agriculture. The people served by the organization grow coffee, bananas, Ground nuts, cassava, maize, cotton and many others. Coffee and cotton are the cash crops.

Village savings and loan association [VSLA]

Brick laying – some money that comes from subscription fee part of it is invested in bricklaying while the youth contribute much in making them and when they are sold part of the money goes back to the organization while some is given to the youths for personal development .The organization is trying hard to see that it buys a brick laying machine for better results.

Offers counseling services, this is done mostly when there’s sensitization seminars, people of different problems, needs, come and where possible, solutions are given.

Reaching out to the elderly, supporting them in any way possible – most elderly people have poor shelters some members in the organization contributes some money and improve on the house of an elderly person.

Conducts youth seminars – they focus on ways that can enable a youth be a better person in the future and serve his/her community e.g. behavior change

Provide formal, vocational and even informal education to the masses especially the youth of the area.