Handcraft Project
  • This project is for Women .Women are very much endowed with different gifts and talents and in utilizing these gifts they decided to take on handcraft making as a project .Women buy some materials and also use local materials depending on need .They make baskets ,Mats and many others to raise some income ,however their income is insufficient to make the project take off smoothly .There is ready market for the handcrafts simply because Kinyamaseke town where they normally sell them is bordered by queen Elizabeth national Park that normally receive tourists who like Handicrafts .Even some local people buy handcrafts .We therefore ask that in case there is someone who want to help women is requested to help us with  funds to run this project  .


  • Village savings is going on slowly because our people are very poor and therefore they do not save as they would have desired .Our people have known the usefulness of saving .Have benefited from the savings by improving on their small businesses like trading in, Fish, coffee and others have bought goats while others have managed to pay school fees for their children.

The plan is that we need to boost it with more funds so that peoples businesses can be improved.
We ask you to assist in funding this project.


  • Our people practice Agriculture on a small scale .They plant beans, cassava, Groundnuts and others .They use this for sell and home consumption .The organization is sensitizing people to improve and plant more other cash crops like coffee, garlic .Many people planted coffee .We only need donors who can come and fund Agriculture so that our people can be trained and gain more skills in agricultural practices.


  • Brick making project is intended for the youth .We have very many youth who are out of school and we decided to engage them by establishing brick making project so that through the sale of Bricks they can make some money for their survival .We still need more initiatives to engage our productive youth by we luck funds to carry on this.


  • We have done community sensitization about the issues pertaining health .General homestead cleanliness .The people have been  told to be aware of and take caution of the six killer diseases and more especially Hiv/Aids pandemic .Our People have been advised to report any case of any disease outbreak so that it can easily be handled ,however we need a big Health dispensary/center well equipped with medicine as we train more community health providers who can carry on community health sensitization, our people do not have clean water ,we need to provide water tanks or even boreholes so that the area can have access to clean water . .We have a small clinic and we want to improve, enlarge and make it a health center where our poor people can run to for treatment and other health services.


  • We have sensitized people about education .We have very many children who are not in school and many who have dropped out of school and therefore they need support .Our organization has tried to help a few of them with scholastic materials but because of the organization not having sufficient funds to support them then many are left to the mercy of God .We would like to construct a nursery and primary school where children can study from as we target at providing quality education .We also want to begin women adult education .Most women do not know how to read and write while they like to study. We request someone to come and help us to fund the construction of the nursery and primary school. We have land.

Domestic Violence.

We have carried out the sensitization against domestic violence. go home to home, hold community meetings to stop the practice of domestic violence in families and many others regarding the same .We request some funds to help us continues with programs that can help us complete make families domestic violence .We thank our friends the Ex minus who supported us with some funds three years ago .We request more donors to help us in this area.

River Bridge Construction.

We have a river which is not constructed with a bridge .This river crosses the Road which connects the village to the trading centers of Munkunyu ,Kanyampara and Kinyamaseke .During rainy seasons this river over floods and causes loss of property and life .We need to construct it so that the peoples produce can have a better way for market. School children also cross this river and we have so far lost 3 children and 2 people just because people have no option than stepping into the river to cross to the next side .We need support .The local people have tried to put logs but when there is floods ,they are washed off .We also need support