Bacorudo [Basu community Rural Development Organization] is a registered local Community Based Organization [C.B.O] that begun on the 16th of December 2009 by a group of village members headed by Eugene Bwambale Africano with the main aim of fighting biting poverty, improving on house hold income and settling the affected homes from the psychological upsets, trauma and atrocities of the ADF insurgency .

A rebel group called the Allied Democratic Forces [ADF]fought against the government forces and later on they were defeated.

After the defeat, they decided to turn against the poor ,helpless civilians. As a result many lost their lives, properties, mass displacement of people that accelerated the wide spread of poverty leading to high school dropouts, wide spread of the killer diseases like HIV/AIDS among many .

Basu Community Rural Development Organization [] is found in Kasese District western part of Uganda serving in two sub counties of Munkunyu and Kisinga bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west.